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Words, You See, Are the Thing

2014 Lambda Literary Award finalist, and a 2014 IPPY  Gold Medal Award winner.

Lincoln de Chabert’s life is pretty unremarkable until he comes home from kindergarten and announces he will marry his best friend, Orlando, when he grows up. His parents spring into immediate action determined to fix him―his father takes him to baseball games and the movie “Patton.”―igniting an epic battle of wills as Lincoln is determined to remain himself, and marry who he chooses, at all costs.

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What Binds Us

When 17 year old Thomas Edward meets the man of his dreams, he assumes they'll be together forever.  When their relationship ends abruptly, he learns that sometimes it's in an ending that we find our beginning.

"...the book is a delight, sure to engage and satisfy readers.  Thomas is an endearing, eloquent narrator, and his story skips along with hope and passion..." -- Kirkus Reviews

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