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Wednesday Briefs: The Lucky and the Damned

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs―a blog hop where authors post 500-1000 words of free flash fiction every week.  In this week's, flash fiction, a gay son confronts his father for the last time. 

St John and his father were not close though they’d only had one argument in their life as father and son. When St John confessed he was gay, his father had called him immoral. “Heterosexuality,” St John roared, “Is not a universal truth!” “You,” his father had countered angrily, “are an abomination! You and your kind, are damned.” “Damned? Damned, did you say? Hah! We soar, unchained by your righteous morality, your church-sanctioned unions. Our possibilities are unlimited―unlike yours which are limited by the circumference of a vagina!” The argument had occurred when St John was fifteen. His mother China had intervened and calmed them both down. But the chasm that opened between them that day was to remain open, uncrossable. After that, when he and his father did speak, they did so cautiously; t…