The Mama Black Widow Stories

The Mama Black Widow stories combine the real and the unreal, and ask you only to believe--in happiness, in magic.

Mama Black Widow is a powerful Obeah woman and fierce as a lioness in a cage. She keeps a battalion of enslaved spirits imprisoned in glass jars, who she can command to do her bidding. Like a genie in a bottle she can grant the wishes of those who present themselves to her―the infirm and crippled, the desperate, the pissed off. But it is always her interpretation of the wish that is granted. 

"The Christmas Present" and "Black & Ugly" are the first two stories in the Mama Black Widow series. Each is a stand-alone story, and thus do not have to be read in order.

Black & Ugly (Mama Black Widow Book 2)

“Get your black ugly ass up outta that bed!”

That’s how his mother had woken him every morning. “Get your black ugly ass up outta that bed!”

Later, the adjectives multiplied. Tar baby. Faggot. Queer. Tar baby faggot queer. And still later, when he’d started to achieve, started to make friends with white guys, “Oreo” and “snow queen” were added to the vocabulary of hate.

When he was young, he’d learned that words hurt, maimed, scarred. When he got older, he’d learned that words could also comfort, heal. But he’d never forgotten the first lesson. Perhaps that was why he’d chosen a career in finance. Numbers added up; they did not tear down.


Beaten Track Publishing

The Christmas Present (Mama Black Widow Book 1)
Part of Boughs of Evergreen, a holiday anthology.

It’s Christmas. A mother, unhappy her son is gay, turns to voodoo to change him, and her son finds the love she sought to deny him.

- Beaten Track Publishing 
Available as a single eBook

Proceeds from sales of the individual eBook will be donated to The Trevor Project.


Beaten Track Publishing


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