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"Ekaj," a Movie Not to Be Missed

Back in July 2012, I wrote a blog post about an LGBT film, “Prince and Ekaj,” which was being made by Mike and Cati Gonzalez. (Read the original post here .) The trailer was very promising and I was excited to see the film giving voice to LGBT youth who often remain invisible, voiceless. So, I was delighted when I got an email from Cati telling me they had completed the film, now titled, “Ekaj,” and asking if I wanted to preview it. My answer, in a heartbeat, was, “heck yeah.” And I am so glad I said yes. The movie covers topics not often seem or spoken of—homeless youth, finding a way to survive and love in a harsh world. Happily the film doesn’t dwell on any one thing but it covers a range of very real issues that are seldom spoken of anymore, and when they are they are it is in whispers, or spoken of as if they existed in the distance past: AIDS, drug abuse, domestic violence, rape. This is a socially responsible film that is never pathetic or preachy. Filmed in the Bronx a

Kenneth Larsen writes...: Flagging support

Another thought-provoking and well written post which is especially fitting on Independence Day. Kenneth Larsen writes...: Flagging support : Nine people were gunned down in a South Carolina church, and the overwhelming response has been to ban a flag. If that sounds too simplis...