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Words, You See, Are the Thing

I consider myself less a writer than a wordsmith - an artist whose chosen medium is the written word rather than clay or paint or bronze.

Conceptually, I see writing  as a way to create art from found objects. And while my “art” is expressed in words, that art is assembled from my lived experience and everything around me—snatches of conversation, people I’ve met, houses and cars and objects I’ve seen. I don’t so much invent stories, so much as retell,  observe and detail.

My latest novel, "The Sun, the Earth & The Moon*" will be published November 15, 2019.

"Unbroken," was  published in September 2013 by Beaten Track, and is a 2014 Lambda Literary Award finalist, and a 2014 IPPY (Independent Publishers) Gold Medalist in the gay fiction category. 

My allegorical novella, "Vampire Rising," was released in July 2015.

"Damaged Angels," a collection of short stories, was first published by Bold Strokes Books in October 2012 (eBook edition), with a paperback edition released April 8, 2013 by Beaten Track, and is a 2013 Rainbow Award Runner-Up in the  Gay Contemporary General Fiction category.

I live in Philadelphia, PA with my husband   and our two dogs.

For more about me and my writing, connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

* This is a revised second edition of "What Binds Us," previously published electronically by Carina Press.


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