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On Mondays, Dentists and Cleavage Before Lunch

Generally I don’t mind Mondays. On Mondays I am rested, hopeful. By Wednesday, hope has died and I am left to drag its corpse behind me until Friday when, exhausted, I drop it and fall into the bottomless sleep of the failed, mourning another week passed during which I achieved neither “Powerball winner” nor “New York Times Bestseller” status. As I’ve said, I’m usually good with Mondays. This Monday was different though; I had a dentist appointment. Going to the dentist is among my dislikes, along with being wet, wet food (think soup) and men who wear shoes without socks. As I was about to walk out the door, I remembered the receptionist had asked me to bring my plan ID card with me.   Now my plan administrator, claiming to be green, but really just cheap, doesn’t provide ID cards but you can print one online.   I climbed to my office on the third floor and booted up my computer.   I had to register online to actually print an ID card. The registration site asked for “Member

Hello & Welcome

Welcome! I am migrating my blog from Goodreads to here.  I'll be posting soon. In the meantime, you can read my most recent blog posts by following the links below: In Praise of Editors Part 1 --It seems like I’ve been reading a lot of posts about editors and the editing process lately. Having just wrapped up edits on my new book, Unbroken , I thought I’d share my thoughts on the editorial process and share some of my more memorable exchanges with my editors. To date I’ve worked with three, make of that what you will... Read In Praise of Editors Part 1 now Read in Praise of Editors Part 2 now Don't forget to like my Facebook page and connect with me on Twitter , too.