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The Corporatorium: Headshots (Season 2, Episode 5)

Photo by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash Diana Prince-King @TAFKAP: I just gave the officers the headshots we had taken last week. *sigh* Brooklyn Sudano @Brooklyn NY Let me guess, they now want you to Photoshop them into their vision of their perfect selves? Diana Prince-King @TAFKAP Yep. Brett wants me to give him more hair. Nigel Gale @MannequinMan If he wants more hair, let him get it the old-fashioned way! Prometheus @Theus Let him join The Hair Club For Men ! Diana Prince-King @TAFKAP Wait is that was a thing? Nigel Gale @MannequinMan Back in the day—it was. Brooklyn Sudano @Brooklyn NY Sy Sperling was not only the president, he was also a client! BTW, it still exists. Diana Prince-King @TAFKAP Ahem. TWO says the photos don’t do her blue eyes justice. Prometheus @Theus #WhitePeopleProblems Nigel Gale @MannequinMan You went there! Brooklyn Sudano @Brooklyn NY Well somebody had to. Diana Prince-King @TAFKAP