"In His Eyes" — The Soundtrack

I’ve talked about this before but I believe every life has a soundtrack. My own life’s soundtrack is dominated by Donna Summer, Grace Jones, and Michael Jackson. Music is a marker—every song can take us back to a specific moment in time, or fix us to the mood we were in when we first heard it. Thus couples always have “our song.”

As I said, every life has its own soundtrack. The same is true, I believe of books. Songs referred to in books, can set a mood, it can also anchor the story in time, just as descriptions of fashion and hairstyles can. All of my novels have soundtracks and my latest, In His Eyes, which releases a week from today (August 1) is no exception.

This post is dedicated to looking at the songs from this book. I’ve included the Chapter headings in which the song appears for easy reference.

60. Independence Day

“Independence Day” by Bruce Springsteen. Each character is different so each has his own taste in music. This song sums up Reid’s inner tumult that leads up to the chapter.

83. Dry Kisses

“I’ll Tumble for Ya” by Culture Club. I choose this song for the particular scene it appears it for two reasons—one the song is one of joy. It is a reminder that even in sorrow we can extract joy. The other reason was because the lyrics can be hard to make sense of, much like the action that unfolds along with the song in this chapter.

117. Piano

“Love is Here to Stay”by Georg Gershwin.  Micah is a pianist who loves Gershwin. In mypost last week, I talked about the role of pianos in the book. When Micah sits down and plays this song we, the reader, glimpse something we hadn’t quite seen before.

135. I Am the Man for You, Baby

“I Am The Man For You Baby” by Edwin Starr. For me this was a sweet moment shared by two characters. It had a perfect nostalgic and hopeful feel.

138. You Are My Friend

“You are My Friend” by Sylvester. I’ve always loved Sylvester’s version of this song. It’s joy, it’s gratitude, it’s acknowledgement. As people, we don’t always see what is right in front of us and this is true of the characters in this book as well.


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